Monday, June 8, 2015

July 4th Comes Early: McCall's 6559

Was I thinking of Independence Day when I made this dress, was my mind set on the Stars and Stripes of our country? No, I was being me....just sewing because I liked the look of this fun design.
How to sew stripes and knits.
McCall's 6559 was the pattern I used even though I already have a few patterns for maxi dresses, but you would need to cut and add allowances, worry about placement and too many test fits and muslins in order to make it work. So why not use a pattern? Makes sense to me, right.
How to sew stripes and knits.
The seaming was all over the place--from bias seams sewn along seams with straight of grain, it was very important to make sure to match the stripes only where it really, really mattered.  Such is so with the side seams.  I didn't worry so much with the semi-bias and true bias seams.
How to sew stripes and knits.
I made the placket front because of an idea I got from some current Michael Kors designs. Grommets and eyelets must be the new exposed zipper.  The star for adhered after the right side seam was sewn before the lining was inserted.  I used a spray adhesive to secure it before I used a simple zigzag appliqué to permanently secure it in place.  There was no stretching using the walking foot.
How to sew stripes and knits.
Pattern and Construction Notes: 

Listed as a "Very" close-fitting, pullover dresses. E and F: front seam detail, bias upper/middle fronts, and lower front/back (cut on crosswise grain of fabric. All have narrow hems.

Pattern Sizing: 
I cut a size 14 with a 1/2" FBA and graded to a 16 at the hip front and added an additional 2" to the "back" pattern piece at the hip.  

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
I have liked this dress design since it came out.  The star and the mix of lines is what has always intrigued me.  But until I found this fabric did I really want to make it.  The star is what did it for me.  It is such a cute whimsical addition to a simple maxi dress.  I even enjoyed having the stripes being reversible, which is really the fabric.  This keeps it from being boring.  

Were the instructions easy to follow? I did not follow the instructions, and its not because I sew a lot, its just an easy sew. The neckline was changed substantially.  
Reversible Striped Knit from Sew Much Fabric
Fabric Used: A reversible beefy Rayon Spandex blend can be found Here.

I lengthened it above the waist by 1" and at the hem by 2".  Next time I will give it another 2" at the hem for heels.  This dress runs short.
I also narrowed the skirt by 2" each side making it more straight instead of a-line.

A double placket was added to the neckline to add some pazazz.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunny Days and DIY Jumpsuits are here to stay: Vogue 9116

Every time I see a wide leg jumpsuit, I think of my Mom.  You see when I was a yungin... jumpsuits were the uniform to wear.  It seems that every thing that was once is now, and any of the fashions which were then, are here again.  It is back, "OLD School" is new again. 
#DIY, #jumpsuit #Vogue Patterns @mccallpatterncompany
I have made several jumpsuits in the last few years, a couple self drafted and a couple using patterns from Vogue and McCalls.  Now, everywhere I look,  I see a rise in the number of patterns available for this fun piece of clothing, and an onslaught of various renditions of said patterns by so many on Pinterest.  
#DIY, #jumpsuit #Vogue Patterns @mccallpatterncompanyThis time I made the new Vogue 9116, although we all know it is really the old vogue.  Actually, it is the same jumpsuit I have been wanting from my sister for the last 5 years, except her's is in black.  I will get to that color another time.  I just had to make this fun print for the summer months, poolside parties, and beach getaways.  
#DIY, #jumpsuit #Vogue Patterns @mccallpatterncompany
Pattern and Construction Details:
All was very easy.  The pattern instructions were easy, the sizing was easy. 
I cut a size 14 top and 16 bottom.  
1" FBA
Removed 4" from the pant legs because they were "WIDE" for sure.
After these pictures I hemmed them another 2"
#DIY, #jumpsuit #Vogue Patterns @mccallpatterncompany
I hope you are enjoying this resurgence of jumpsuit fashions.  I know my Mom is enjoying all the patterns coming back.  Something she is really familiar with.  

Monday, May 11, 2015

It's all about the new date night dress.

Stella got her groove back by going to the Bahamas, I thought I would work on getting or keeping mine back by checking out my pattern stash.
With the help of some really nice matte jersey I got in New York and Donna Karan for Vogue patterns #2067, I was able to strike this pose for this picture.  No photoshop here y'all.  Just straight up all me, stretch marks and all.  
It's not easy trying to keep your sexy and be a grandmother all at the same time, and still be just a slight bit modest.   But I manage to try ever so often as not to wither away into that old lady, "mmm" what is she wearing kinda, it's a shame, she should "dress her age".  What the hell does that mean!??! Dress the way you want! Just make sure it is SASSY not TRASHy.  You feel me?
The pattern is basically a wrap dress with the upper portion of the bodice detached at the front midriff forming a type of crop top which reveals just enough skin to keep it modest yet sassy. 
It almost looks like the Vogue 1250 that everyone has fallen in love with.  
Construction Notes:
1.  All the edges are finished with elastic to make it really snug at the openings:  Neckline, armhole, under the bust, and at the top of the skirt wraps/overlays.  
2.  The side seams are placed forward toward the front with the side hip dart at an angle toward the rear hip line.  A very nice touch indeed.  
3.  The center back seam makes it extremely easy to grade up and down as needed and to deal with the dreaded sway back issues. 
4.  With the front bodice piece being just that, a front piece, you can literally increase the bust and lengthen the front crop section to your hearts desire.

Moving forward:
I plan to make every single one of the views on this pattern in several colors.  They are great dresses to have on hand for any activity you might want to wear a "body con" dress.  Oh yeah!!! There is plenty coverage for Spanx and such and such if you so need or desire.
Here a kick in the butt to aging and frumpy dresses!!!